This would probably the lamest summer ever if I wasn't getting a puppy. Chemistry and work is taking up any free time I have. To be honest it doesn't even feel like summer, but oh well. I am, however, VERY excited to be getting the puppy. She's a black lab female and we'll be able to take her home on the 24th. It will be nice to have a dog around the house again. Today my mom and I went out and bought some things for the puppy. We'll finish the shopping this up coming weekend.
Work is giving me extra hours, so every friday I'm working a 10 hour day. Don't get me wrong I'm happy about it because I need the money because I can't work on mondays and wednesdays.
Well I'm off to do homework.

By the way UFC 115 was very good last night.
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Summer Classes

Unfortunately I'm taking 2 summer chemistry classes plus working. This leaves little time if any to actually enjoy the summer. Mondays and Wednesdays I'm there from 10am - 430pm because I have class, discussion and lab. On Tuesdays and Thursdays I'm only there 10-1130am. That isn't too bad. The thing that really sucks is that I miss work 2 days a week, but I can sub on fridays. I also have a few babysitting gigs lined up as well. Time to suck it up.
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fall 2010 schedule update

So my summer classes are the same, but I decided to add a psych class to my fall schedule. The times that spanish 202 are held don't work with my schedule so I've decided to minor in psych as well. So hopefully I will have a double minor in spanish and psych along with my bio major. I'm insane. This is my new class schedule for the fall...

Abnormal Psychology:
MWF 9-950

Cell Biology:
MWF 10-1050
lab: Th 930-1230

Organic Chemistry:
MWF 11-1150
Discussion: M 1-150
Lab: T 1230-430

MWF 12-1250
lab: T 930-1230

I don't think it will be too much considering this semester was and still continues to be pretty damn boring.


This semester I have it pretty easy so I'm lucky. It's just that my classes are for the most part boring. I'm not taking a science class so in general I feel pretty indifferent about my classes. The summer and fall semester will be much harder and full of science.
Chem 115 - Lecture: MTuWTh 10-1130 Discussion: W 1130-1220
Chem 117 - Lab MW 1230-430
(June through mid July)

Chem 116- Lecture: MTuWTh 10-1130 Discussion: W 1130-1220
Chem 118 - Lab MW 1230 -430
(mid July through August)

Cell Biology- Lecture: MWF 10-1050 Lab: Th 930-1230
Genetics- Lecture: MWF 12-1250 Lab: Tu 930-1230
Organic Chem - Lecture: MWF 11-1150 Discussion: M 1-150 Lab: Tu 1230-430

In the fall I will definitely need to stay focused. A lot people have a hard time with organic chem. It will definitely be tough. I'm up to the challenge though.
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new phone :)

I'm finally getting a new phone because mine is falling apart. I'm paying for internet on my phone so we'll see how that goes... if I don't end up using it a lot when my contract is up I'll stop it.
I pick classes for the fall tomorrow morning which should be interesting. Hopefully I get everything I want.
This week is my last week working about 35+ hours a week. It'll be nice to get some rest and go to the gym. I plan on going in the mornings tuesdays and thursdays before work.

work and such

I've been working about 30 hours a week plus school full time... I constantly feel like I could pass out at any second but at least I have money. I'm saving for a new vehicle and I would like to buy it in 2 or 3 years. I'm not too sure on how I'll pay the insurance because I plan on being in Medical school by then but I plan on working as a TA or something then.
I may be permanently switching my 3-6 position from toddlers to infants. I'm not 100% sure if I want to do that. I love babies but I will miss working with Becky and Christi.
Speaking of work I need to go there soon.
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planning and stuffs

Matt and Suzette are coming over for dinner tonight, and we're finally planning the baby shower. It'll be in February since I believe she is due in April. There's so much we have to do and get. I just want to go shopping for the shower and get all the cute baby things. I'll probably end up writing the invitations out since I'm home the next 2 weeks... other than going to work that is. Should be fun.

I'm working extra hours in infant 2 and 3... I enjoy spending the day with the babies. Although infant 3 has some babies that cry a lot so I'll make sure I bring extra ibuprofen or something hose days. Plus I really can't complain about extra money.

I need to buy my books soon too. I'm just happy that they're not expensive this semester. This summer and on they will be because I'm taking A LOT of science classes. Which I'm perfectly okay with other than the cost of the books.

Other than that I've been good about saving money for a new car or truck. I still have no clue what I'd get. I also am going to start going to the gym.... I really am going to do that. I need to eat less as well. I eat waaaay too much food. I eat almost as much as Christopher does and he weighs 210+ lbs.

In other news the bruises on my arms look very weird thanks to Moe... The cuts they're surrounding are probably infected with my luck. Oh well.... 2 more weeks of vacation and then back to school.
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goddamn cough

I've had this cough forever and I can't stand it. I need to go to the doctors this week or something.I can't wait to just relax tonight. Christopher and I are going out to eat at Bamboo and then we're exchanging presents. Monday I'm working 8-6, Tuesday 1030-6 and Wednesday 8-6. I have Thursday and friday off thank god. I think Friday I'm going to cook dinner... Mexican I think. Hopefully I'll get to see my friends as well. Then Monday I'm working 1030-6, Tuesday 8-6 and Wednesday 1030-6. 3-6 the rest of the week like normal. I'm also going to start going to the gym. Next semester I have Tuesdays and Thursdays free of school so there is no excuse not to go to the gym when school starts.
My schedule for next semester (final):
Art of Literature (intermediate seminar)
MWF 9-950
MWF 10-1050
Intermediate Spanish 1
MWF 11-1150
Renaissance to Modern Art
MWF 12-1250

And as far as I know I'm still going to take Chem 115/117 and 116/118 in the summer.

Christmas eve we had the family over... That was pretty good. Christmas was better because I didn't need to do anything and got to stay in my pajamas all day. I got some gift cards. Two mugs with infusers and jasmine tea. Two cook books, some new pajamas, laptop case, new digital camera and case. (not all from the same person)

Well I'm going to go lay down so sushi time comes faster because I'm starving.
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Winter Vacation!

I'm so glad school is over! I babysat Ari (22months) and Ion (2 almost 3 months) last night...easy as usual. I needed the extra money so bad. I have absolutely no gas in my truck. I'm working tomorrow and tuesday 8-6 and then wednesday 3-6. I love getting extra hours.
I went food shopping today and got the stuff to make baklava and tonight I'm making cookies.
I can't wait to get my biology major going again and spanish minor.
I'm just excited to spend more time with my friends while I'm on vacation. I definitely don'y get to do that enough.

I also dropped my psych class which makes my life easier.


I've finally figured out my classes for this semester...
Neural Behavioral Science: (for my psych minor)
MWF 9-950am
Precalculus: (for my biochem major)
MWF 10-1050
Intermediate Spanish: (for my spanish minor)
MWF 11-1150
Renaissance to Modern Art: (covers my Art requirement)
MWF 12-1250
Art of Literature: (covers my intermediate seminar requirement)
TuTh 1230-145

Because I decided to keep my major so late in the game I need to take chem 115/117 and chem 116/118 in the summer... Yay D:
I really do think I'm going to be happier this way... That is when I'm done with school. Until then I'll be miserable and tired as usual.

For now I am going to bed.